22 Sep 2018

Neither the rival nor the ally wants Armenia to be competitive: Alen Ghevondyan

We must be stronger than necessary as we do not have an alternative, we do not have an ally


After a long absence of statehood, Armenia regained its independence twice in the 20th century, the second one was 27 years ago. Are we moving in the right direction? Are we building our state correctly? In response to these questions, the political analyst Alen Ghevondyan first notes that the state is a value that implies its essential place in the national interests of the state.

“Statehood implies a sovereign, competitive country able to defend itself. Due to the efforts made we have statehood, so we must understand that statehood and its material reflection, that is, the state are values, but not only in emergency situations,” the political scientist notes.

Ghevondyan notes with regret that we do not have a society with civic perception, whereas we must be strong and competitive in all aspects. “We should be stronger than necessary. We do not have an alternative, we do not have an ally. When you are weak, no one pays attention to you and they know that you have no choice. When you are competitive, you do not choose between the bad, worse, and the worst, on the contrary, they get in line. In this respect, these 30 years were a period of missed opportunities. It's safe to say that we could be much stronger and more competitive,” Alen Ghevondyan underlines. Find the details in the program “Paradigm”.